Brendan Callanan has 30+ years of building and construction management experience, and currently owns Combined Construction Services, Inc., a licensed A and B general contractor serving greater Los Angeles. Brendan has worked with many industry giants including Morse Diesel Intl. and AMEC, supervising project budgets in excess of $75 million. Brendan’s client-praised work ethic, skill level, master craftsmanship and penchant for detail and precision shape spatial perfection that, along with substantive cost-effective management skill, help exponentially increase property value.  

Brendan Callanan’s expertise is also sought in an official capacity for the California State Attorney General and Contractors State License Board naming Brendan as Expert Witness with the authority to resolve legal faulty-construction industry disputes. Brendan is a Certified Green Building Professional. Visit

License: 808265
Los Angeles, California



Founded in 2001, and with more than 30 years of collective experience, Combined Construction Services (CCS) is a full service, licensed/bonded commercial/residential general contractor serving the greater north, west and central Los Angeles areas. Taking great pride in craftsmanship and efficiency, CCS works only with reputable architects, subcontractors, interior design firms and landscape architects to provide all plans, interior/exterior renderings and full building services in custom new-construction and/or renovation projects.

Excellent intercommunication allows CCS to build what clients initially envisioned, and what therefore makes them ultimately happy. Every project, regardless of size and scope, is meticulously planned with careful risk-management assessment and rigid cost controls. Intricate design development coordination, efficient schedule planning and diligent project oversight are employed to troubleshoot and eliminate potential issues before they become expensive problems. Talented CCS teams stay on point through constant communication that always includes clients, which is vital to success.

CCS helps develop design solutions specific to your property that stylistically match exactly, or complement its design. Professional subcontractors only are selected that must meet the CCS-mandated standard of excellence. If an architect and/or design firm has been already designated for your project, CCS can work with them seamlessly to insure a successful completion. We are the sole point of responsibility adhering to rigid construction management and supervisory practices throughout all building phases.